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Oven Baked Sweet Potato Toast

A fun and filling alternative to toast that can be made sweet or savory, Oven Baked Sweet Potato Toast is as versatile as it is delicious.

clockwise from top left: mashed avocado + turmeric scrambled tofu, Miyokos vegan chive cheese + blueberries + honey, cashew butter + gala apples + Ceylon cinnamon, purple cabbage slaw + BBQ jackfruit

This is much less about my desire to eat less actual toast (I love bread and eat it often) and more about my love for sweet potatoes and this 2 step breakfast or snack.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of complex carbs, blood-glucose balancing fiber, vitamin A (as beta-carotene), and potassium. To absorb all the oxidant-fighting vitamin A make sure to eat sweet potatoes with some fat (nut butter, avocado, coconut oil, etc.) since vitamin A is fat soluble.

Sweet Potato Toast can be made in the toaster but has to go through multiple rounds of toasting, so I find it easier to use the oven for a one and done prep, though it takes longer. I also don't even own a toaster because the oven works just fine (yes even for bread toast) and it's one less appliance to have in the kitchen.

Keeping the skin on (hi, fiber!) helps to keep them together when stored for later, but you could also peel it off if you're not into potato skins. I recommend using parchment paper so you don't have to use any oil to keep the slices from sticking. The toast will end up crispier and easier to store without the oil.

How to make Oven Baked Sweet Potato Toast

  • Preheat oven to 400F

  • Wash and dry large sweet potato and carefully cut, using a sharp knife or mandolin, into 1/2 inch slices

  • Place on parchment paper-lined baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes or until tender, flipping over halfway through

  • Garnish and serve or allow to cool before storing

Suggested Toppings

- nut butter + fruit (apple, pear, banana, berries, etc.)

- plant-based cheese + fruit + honey

- roasted tomato slices + basil + olive oil

- hummus + cucumber

- tahini + cinnamon

- scrambled tofu or eggs + avocado

For lunch, I topped mine with purple cabbage slaw made with a tahini dressing and BBQ jackfruit (recipe coming later this week as soon as I perfect the BBQ sauce!) so don't be afraid to top them with whatever you have in the fridge.


Xx, Kara

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