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Discover the transformational power of intuitive eating and mindful movement when you work one-on-one with Kara Bolon, Nutrimsa's founder, Licensed Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. We'll evaluate your current relationship with food and exercise and cultivate new habits and routines that support complete mind-body well-being in this personalized, private coaching program.



So much of your life is dedicated to other people - your kids, your friends, your family, your career. You strive to serve others, to bring them happiness - and this fills your cup on the surface. But behind the curtain, you are so hard on yourself. 


You’ve always felt like the best version of you is a thinner version of you - that you would be better at your job, more connected in your relationships, and genuinely happier if you could just lose the weight 


You find that the more you try to control your eating habits, the more out of control you feel. 


You want to be able to dedicate brain space to people, places, and activities that bring you joy, not agonizing over your next meal or your next workout. 


You crave a sense of peace and ease that you know food and movement can bring, but they’ve always felt so complicated, like you just can’t quite figure out what works for you. 


You know there must be a better way.



We live in an environment that praises thinness. We are told from trusted sources that thin equals healthy. We internalize this to mean that we need to look a certain way to be accepted, to be respected, to be loved. 


You hear in the media that cutting out whole foods groups is the answer or maybe you have friends who have tried and had temporary success with a popular diet - the food “rules” seem to pile up and letting them go and listening to what your body needs feels like being a fish from a tank suddenly dumped in the ocean - totally overwhelming and exhausting. 


You know freedom from constant food thoughts and preoccupation is possible but you just don’t know how to get there. 


You crave having a sense of control without obsessive thoughts. You just want to stop thinking about food and your body at every waking moment but it feels terrifying to “loosen the reins” on diet and exercise. 


You want to be able to enjoy a dinner out with friends without comparing your plate to theirs or worrying about what they’re thinking about your body. 


You also want to know that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to thrive but you're not sure where to start.



  • It’s possible to feel emotionally neutral about food, to move away from “good vs bad” thinking.


  • It’s possible to feel comfortable and emotionally neutral about hunger and fullness - no longer in fear of feeling hungry or overly full. 

  • It’s possible to feel more connected to your body and to other women, no longer isolated in your journey. 

  • It’s possible to prioritize feeling satisfied from food and to only eat foods that you truly enjoy while feeling energized (no more forcing down a kale smoothie because you think you have to - I promise!).  

  • It’s possible to prioritize and actually feel joy in movement, rather than just calories burned in an effort to change your body to fit society’s ideals. 

  • It’s possible to no longer put your life on hold until your body looks a certain way - and truly believe that having a certain body won’t bring true happiness. 

  • It’s possible to go on vacation without months of stress beforehand trying to shrink your body to be “beach ready.”

  • It’s possible to prioritize foods that help your body function efficiently, not because of their impact on body size, but because you truly value feeling good.


  • It’s possible to look at a plate of broccoli and a piece of cake and choose which one truly supports you in that moment - and not think twice either way.

  • It’s possible to eat foods you now think of as forbidden and just move on with your day. 

  • It’s possible to believe that your body is not something to be fixed, but a miracle to be celebrated. 


Together, we can make these possibilities a reality. 


We’ll look at your “food story” - where your beliefs, habits, and mindset originated - whether it started from a 1996 Cosmo article on the dangers of sugar in fruit to a high school boyfriend criticizing your body - these stories matter and by painting the full picture we’ll be able to create transformational mental shifts to help re-write those stories. 


You’ll learn how to develop strong boundaries with diet and body talk.


You will learn to recognize and trust your body’s signals from the nuances of hunger and fullness sensations to what foods truly help you feel energized. 


Food will lose its emotional attachments and moral value so you can nourish yourself from a place of ease.


You’ll look at food from a neutral perspective - without judgment, attached emotions, or critical self-talk. 


You’ll discover a routine and core set of habits to fully support your new way of thinking, eating, and exercising. 


Through gentle nutrition, you’ll learn how to nourish your body with foods you love.


You already have the wisdom within you - it’s the decades of diet culture telling you your body is something to be fixed that has clouded the picture - together we will uncover your inner intuitive eater to help you shift your time and energy on things that really matter. 




I would recommend working with Kara to everyone and anyone who is struggling with their relationship with food. I started working with Kara less than a year ago and I never would've thought that in less than a year I would be where I am now. I would not have gotten to this place of peace without working with Kara. I wouldn't be dealing with triggers or feeding my body what it needs. I would still have a chaotic relationship with food and my body. She made me feel supported, helped me through my journey, and encouraged me whenever I felt like I was missing the mark.



I absolutely love working with Kara! She provided so much detailed analysis and empathic guidance towards my particular fears. I feel like I have grown so much in my understanding of food and the overwhelming and incessant diet culture that seems to surround us. She has encouraged me to trust my instinct and let go of my fears surrounding food. That has been quite liberating.

I'm incredibly grateful that I met Kara a year ago--we were able to tackle not only the issues that I had towards the food intolerances that I thought I had, but she also set me on a path towards learning and leaning into my intuition when making food choices. This has proven invaluable.

I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with food-related issues to work with Kara. She is knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. It is a life-changing program!



Before starting counseling with Kara I was lost in diet culture and had very little trust in myself or my ability to feed myself.

This process with Kara's help and guidance has changed my life.  I am not the same woman I was when we began working together.  I am comfortable in my body regardless of its size; I have clothing that fits the body I have today; I have boundaries around food pushers and body shaming/dieting talk; and the greatest gifts I have received is my ability to trust myself and having joy and satisfaction in life, and food has been brought back to its right size.






Six months of continuous support with two, 45-minute virtual nutrition coaching sessions with Kara each month. 




A private Slack channel for in between sessions to receive support when things get sticky or you need guidance working through a challenging moment. Also great for sharing daily wins so we can celebrate together! 






Worksheets, recommended reading, journal prompts and more between sessions to help you explore and implement the various topics we cover in our sessions.




(6-month commitment required)


Pay in full to receive a 10% discount on your 6-month program.

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